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Agricultural Sciences students enjoy a vast range of career options. The major can prepare you for work with the family operation, industry, Cooperative Extension, nonprofits, government, or advanced studies. Graduates are now all over the world engaged in diverse work. Examples include a practicing lawyer, veterinarian, farm manager, food scientist, agronomy professor, high school teacher, commodity trader, community manager of a non-profit, agricultural lender...and the list goes on!

Both CALS and Cornell University have extensive, hands-0n career services offices that will be helpful to you as you search for internships or post-graduation jobs. The career counselors can help you explore your interests, skills, and personality as you begin to search for positions. They'll also offer feedback on resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, and they can provide interview tips or even role-playing interview practice. Both career offices maintain databases of available internships and jobs that are available to students and alumni. Finally, they host on-campus events that will help you build skills and network with prospective employers. Find the career offices online at: CALS Career Development Office and Cornell Career Services.

The CALS Career Development Office maintains job listings of special interest to CALS students, and the career counselors are familiar with the interests and goals of CALS students. The following points are a guideline for conducting your job search with assistance from the CALS Career Development Office.