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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is home to the major. The CALS Admissions Office receives, reviews, and decides on your application.

First-Year Admission

You may apply early decision or regular decision. CALS requires that you apply directly to a major. Please review the Requirements for Admission, the selection criteria, and the application timetable.

Transfer Admission

You may apply for transfer to the Agricultural Sciences major either from another institution (external transfer) or from another college or school or major at Cornell (internal transfer).

External transfer applicants, in addition to the application and supplement, submit official transcripts, references, essays, your midterm grade report, and college official's report. Please review the Transfer Admissions Criteria and application timetable.

Internal Transfer students within another college at Cornell should carefully review the directions and requirements. Before applying, plan to take a course required by the major. Course choices may be found on the curriculum planning guides. You may also want to connect to current students or the coordinator.

Visiting Cornell

Campus visits and information sessions may be very helpful in understanding the application process. If you'd like to meet with a current student or faculty member during your visit, contact the coordinator for assistance.